Build Your Plan

The first step is to build your plan. In many ways you probably have created pieces of your plan - estate plan, 401K contribution, savings, vacation plans, tax management, education, etc… For most people these are all treated and thought about separately. When we build the plan, we take into account every aspect of your life. Together, we identify your priorities and put these priorities into context. We are answering the question – What life do you want to live? Some additional questions might include the following:

  • Would you rather have more vacations or send your kids to private school?
  • Would you put off retirement to have a vacation home?
  • Would it mean more to make a lot of money or to spend more time with your family?
  • Would you rather work in a city with more opportunities or a place that makes you happy?
  • Is it more important to provide for your children’s education or for them to make their own way?
  • Is it more important to spend your money now and enjoy it or leave a legacy for the next generation?
Life is the sum of all your choices, shouldn’t you make them wisely? We live where your life meets your finances. Asking and answering questions create the foundation of your plan and provide the key elements that need to be considered in any life major decision you make. And, of course, as your life changes, so will your priorities. This will mean updating your plan throughout your life.
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