Retirement 101

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Retirement 101Retirement 101 is a course designed to increase awareness on retirement planning issues. Retirement 101 was developed with input from educators, Certified Financial Planners™, tax and legal professionals. This is a retirement planning course for individuals approaching or in retirement instructed by qualified financial planners with real world experience.

Who Should Attend?

Retirement 101 can help lessen the anxiety associated with life events such as: a change in employment status, the passing of a loved one, divorce, disability, moving to a new home or funding college for a child or grandchild. While this course may not be able to increase your employment income, it can provide the knowledge to increase your confidence in being able to enhance your net worth.



Discover How to Achieve Financial Independence Today

  • Identify strategies to build, sustain and distribute wealth
  • Understand the costs and access the risks in retirement
  • Determine when you can retire and the lifestyle you can achieve
  • Understand the rules regarding Social Security and how to maximize your benefits
  • Minimize your taxes today and in retirement to maximize cash flow
  • Properly distribute your estate to beneficiaries
  • Determine the costs and benefits of a Traditional to Roth IRA conversion retirement plan book
  • Determine the appropriate insurance coverage, pre and post-retirement
  • Learn how to invest with prudence and efficiency, not emotion
  • Develop a wealth management strategy for you and your family

Goals & Objectives

Retirement is not simply leaving your job; rather it is building the foundation for the rest of your life. Retirement holds the promise of increased free time, an opportunity to relax, the freedom to determine when and how you will begin your day and how that day will be spent. However, it also raises questions you may or may not have considered:

  • Am I prepared to retire – emotionally and financially?
  • What will retirement be like?
  • Do I have enough money to be comfortable to do the activities I enjoy?
  • How can I avoid running out of money?
  • How can I trust I am making the right financial decisions?

Retirement 101Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Retirement Risks
  • Chapter 3: Taxes
  • Chapter 4: Investments
  • Chapter 5: Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 6: Asset Allocation
  • Chapter 7: Retirement Income
  • Chapter 8: Insurance
  • Chapter 9: Estate Planning

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