TFA is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm.  We provide objective, commission-free advice without conflicts of interest.  We believe in being transparent with our clients so we can build strong, life-long relationships that are mutually beneficial.  

Fee Schedule:

Account Size

First $1,000,000

Plus, on assets over $1,000,000 but $2,500,000 or less

Plus, on assets over $2,500,000 but $10,000,000 or less

Plus, on assets over $10,000,000+

Maximum Annual Fee





For purposes of the fee calculations outlined above, all accounts owned by a household will be aggregated to determine the maximum annual rate.
Fees are billed quarterly in advance and based on the value of the account on the last business day of the previous calendar quarter.
Fees are never based on a share of capital gains or capital appreciation of the funds in your account.
We may make exceptions to our general fee schedule under certain circumstances.
We do not charge fees on Donor-Advised Funds.
Mutual funds also charge fees, i.e. expense ratios. TFA does not share in these fees.
TFA’s custodian, Charles Schwab, charges transaction fees when securities are bought and sold. TFA does not share in these fees.