Triad Financial Advisors (TFA) has been serving individuals and families for over three decades.  We were founded by Carter Leinster, a pioneer in the financial advisory industry for women.  Despite being outnumbered significantly by men in the industry still to this day, Carter grew TFA to be one of the premier financial planning and investment firms in Greensboro.

In an industry with very little barriers to entry in terms of education, experience and ethics, we believe the CFP® credential should be the minimum required to be providing financial advice.  Today we are proud to have 7 Investment Advisers who have earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.  Collaboration is our culture and we work together as a team, not as individual brokers.  TFA is one of the few “fee-only” firms in Greensboro and was recognized in 2016 as one of the Top 300 Registered Investment Advisory firms in the United States by the Financial Times.  We don’t charge commissions and we act in your best interests at all times, not just when it’s convenient or when the law tells us we must.  Our professionals are not salespeople, they are trained and credentialed as CFPs and are compensated for their insights, experience and solutions.

I believe finding qualified, independent financial advice should not be difficult.  Everyone deserves objective, commission-free advice without conflicts of interest.  To us, financial planning means helping you get the most out of life with the money you have.  We don’t measure success solely by a client’s assets.  Instead, we measure it by their ability to achieve their goals and lead satisfying retirements without worrying about their finances.   

You’ll only retire once, but our team helps clients retire every day.  Let us help you make confident and informed decisions to help you achieve financial independence and live with intention!

Warm Regards,

Patrick Rush